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Leading the Way in Storage Facility Design

The decision to expand, upgrade, or build a brand new self-storage facility is not one to take lightly. Getting started can be the hardest part, but that’s why we’re here. From start to finish, we promise to be with you every step of the way. From the first planning stages to the moment you open your doors, we’ll be on hand to offer guidance, design, and professional construction so that you're ready to start making money.
indoor storage unit facility with closed gray doors
drone view of a large outdoor storage unity facility

Site Planning and Selection

Self-storage success begins in the planning stage. At Pella Building Systems, we research occupancy rates, pricing, and land acquisition costs in your area. The more traffic passing your storage facility, the more awareness your business will have, which can lead to sales. That’s why we explore traffic patterns, as well as potential overall costs of utilities. We also investigate zoning laws and understand building codes, to ensure that your business is in the best possible position to succeed even before the structure is built.


One of the reasons folks go into the self-storage business is the ability to create passive income. That’s why we use only the highest quality materials and systems to create flexible designs that are low maintenance. Adaptability is key, so we work with you to optimize space, to create a self-storage facility that’s easily accessible for future renters.
outdoor storage unit facility under construction in the framed stage

Storage Facility Options

People look for storage units for a number of reasons. It’s not always simply a case of not having enough room in their home (although, that’s certainly a popular reason). Many folks need a safe place to store their boat, RV, or spare vehicle while away for long periods of time. A steel storage building with climate control is a safe place to store these larger belongings, which gives people peace of mind.

Choose Your Mini-Storage Colors

The days of boring mini storage buildings is over. Your brand is important and that includes the color(s) of your storage units. Take a look at your options when it comes to the color of your building and your doors. If you’re not sure, that’s why we’re here! We’re ready to help you decide.

Pella Building Systems Services

We promise to be by your side from the initial planning stages, to the concrete pouring, to the building erection, and when open your doors. Flexible options in building new storage facilities and expanding existing mini-storage units are available.
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