Storage Facility Types

Create a storage facility that meets your unique needs and exceeds your expectations. Pella Building Systems is with you every step of the way as you determine what you want or need out of your new storage facility. We’ll leverage our experience to effectively plan, design, and build a storage facility that fits your specific needs, from picking a facility type to adding on features like climate control.

Boat and RV Storage

Boat and RV storage units are perfect for the non-traditional renter looking to store their expensive investments and recreational vehicles. Pella Building Systems is ready to help you design and build a secure storage facility for your renters’ prized possessions. We build our storage units with steel and offer the capability to add climate control. Our units can ease your tenants’ minds, allowing them to know their possessions are secure and will be ready for the next season of boating or camping. Consider building a boat and RV storage facility near tourist regions to maximize your passive income potential. Start the conversation to let us know what you have in mind. We are ready to guide you along the way!

Standard Drive-Up Units

Provide the best experience for your storage facility renter with a drive-up style system. This unit style allows the convenience of driving right up to the unit to easily load and unload their stored items. Easy access provides the best experience by eliminating the need to haul bulky, heavy items long distances or up a set of stairs. You will have a highly optimized space to set your future renters up for an accessible, excellent storage experience.
outdoor boat storage facility with brown siding and yellow garage doors
outdoor boat storage facility with brown siding and yellow garage doors

Contractor Storage Units

Our contractor units solve many business and contractors’ storage space issues for product inventory or equipment. These units provide a safe space for renters to house their goods or construction equipment. Any inventory that is sensitive to temperature will remain unharmed in climate-controlled facilities. We alleviate the stress of planning a storage facility by assisting in finding the perfect location to build your contractor unit, and we will help you every step of the way to assure your clients have easy access to the materials they need. Each storage unit is designed with the best available materials with a low-maintenance design. Contact us online or give us a call to get started with your plans for a contractor unit.

Building Conversions

Pella Building Systems can help you convert an existing space into the perfect storage facility. This approach is especially common in urban areas where storage space is needed, but land supply is limited. An existing property that is correctly zoned can be easily converted into a storage facility. Regardless of design, space can be used to maximize available space and tailored to meet customer needs. The decision to convert an existing structure to a storage facility helps you save money and minimizes the building materials needed to build the storage facility. Less money on the front end means a quicker ROI for you!
a look down the aisle of an indoor storage unit facility
outdoor storage facility at sunset

Single and Multi-Story Storage Construction

A single-story storage facility is a great option for those looking for a quickly assembled storage unit. This style of system is basic, yet flexible and easy to build. The outcome is a high-quality storage facility to meet the needs of renters with low maintenance requirements for the owner. For owners with limited room for expansion, we also offer multi-storage facilities to maximize vertical space. Pella Building Systems will also help you understand occupancy rates, the cost of land acquisition, and city requirements throughout the planning phase so you have a strong knowledge of your storage facility.

Personal and Commercial Shops, Retail and Other Commercial Buildings

At Pella Building Systems, we’re not just limited to storage. We can also accommodate personal shops at your home, create solutions for your business, and allow you to customize aspects of your building from the color and trim to roof style and doors. Our team will work with you to create a project plan that delivers exactly what you need for your home or business.
outdoor storage facility at sunset outdoor storage facility at sunset
panoramic view of outdoor storage facility drive-up units

Storage Unit Expansions

If you have hit capacity or are approaching capacity on your current storage facility system, we can help with expansion. An expansion requires compliance with city expectations and zoning laws. We stay up-to-date on city regulations and building code requirements to assure your storage facility expansion is completed with no surprises. Pella Building Systems will take time to understand your needs and desires to provide maximum storage and accessibility for your facility.

Choose Your Storage Facility Colors

We offer a variety of colors, materials, and added details to truly make your storage facility unique. Browse all of your options and discover add-on features such as in-unit office spaces, electrical and climate-controlled capabilities, and more.
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Get Started with Pella Building Systems

We know that the hardest part of managing a storage facility is getting started. We make the process simple by helping you establish the type of unit that best suits your needs, determine if land is needed or already owned, and build a long-term relationship throughout your storage facility’s lifetime. We’re here to assist and guide you through the process, and we can’t wait to get started working with you!
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